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Needy Claws is a 501(c)(3) that began from a deep passion of the Board of Directors experience with fostering animals. Between us, we have fostered senior and special needs felines and canines. We have clocked countless hours for humane missions throughout the country, driving us to form our own special needs organization.

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Needy Claws’ goal is to improve animal welfare and reduce the burden on overcrowded shelters by keeping pets in healthy, safe, and happy homes by connecting their families to available resources and appropriate medical care.


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SNSI helps us help others by providing Spay/Neuter certificates so that we can get out fosters and other pets that need assistance spayed or neutered. In 2017 we were able to get 4 pets spayed or neutered using certificates from SNSI. 

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Felix's Journey

Not a lot is known about Felix before he arrived at the Morgan County Humane Society in July of 2016. He was a seemingly healthy, happy, 3 year old boy. Unfortunately, the shelter is a stressful place, and despite the loving staff some animals severely struggle. This was the case for Felix. By the beginning of September Felix had lost over three pounds due to being too depressed to eat. That's about the equivalent of 30 pounds on a human frame. Felix was declining quickly and in need of some serious medical attention.

Luckily for him, Needy Claws offered their help when he needed it the most. Felix was evaluated by the Cat Care Clinic and diagnosed with Hepatic Lipidosis. In layman's terms his body was so starved that it was trying to use up any fat it had. Some of this fat deposited itself in the liver causing liver failure. Intense medical intervention was needed in order to give this guy a fighting chance.

On September 7th Felix was placed in a foster home with a vet tech. His luggage included an esophageal feeding tube, a box of feeding syringes, prescription food, and four medications to help control nausea and attempt to stimulate his appetite. On that day Felix weighed in at 6.8 pounds labeling him as severely emaciated.

For the next two weeks Felix was put on kennel rest, fed through his tube four times a day, and medicated three times a day. This wonderful boy showed more patience, love, and tolerance than any animal or person could be expected to. He sat quietly on his foster mom's lap, purring occasionally, for every feeding and treatment. Unfortunately none of the initial treatments could convince Felix to eat on his own.

On the 16th day of his treatment the stitches on the feeding tube gave out, and the tube had to be pulled. Felix was then stitches on the feeding tube gave out, and the tube had to be pulled. Felix was then taken to a second vet for additional treatment. On that visit Felix was diagnosed with a strain of Hepatitis. Two injectable meds and two more oral meds were added to his plan in a last ditch effort to save his life. At this point, Felix still hadn't touched food on his own.

On the 18th day of treatment his foster mom asked him if he wanted her to let him go. A few hours later Felix took his first bites of tuna, and finally ate for the first time in a month. 

Felix continued to eat every meal after that. He stayed in a foster home for an additional two months as he finished his medications and gradually gained weight.

On November 17, 2016 Felix found a furever family. He left the humane society and his Needy Claws friends a happy, healthy, 9.25 pound cat. Felix continues to live a fat and sassy lifestyle with five humans and two kitty siblings of his own, all thanks to his patience, fighting spirit, and the people at MCHS and Needy Claws who love him. Here we will tell you about a shelter cat or dog in need.  


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